Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yesterday, the first day of cool autumn weather here in southeast Texas, some life-long friends gathered at my house for an afternoon of "girl time." Scrapbooks were hauled out, walks were taken in the crisp autumn weather, news was shared, and far too much chocolate was eaten! We said goodbye much too soon. I'd post our group photograph, but they would kill me!

Today, the crisp weather holds -- sky so blue it hurts your eyes to behold, air with just enough nip to make you catch your breath. But the sun shines brightly, and the patio stones are just warm enough for a doggy snooze:

Slipper Moon Studio (hubby calls it my "happy room") currently houses completed projects ready for sale:

a rosary made of sterling silver and rose quartz:

and another sterling silver rosary featuring lampwork glass beads highlighted with glass pearls:

I hope to get my Etsy shop up and running soon. Till then, in days sunny or cloudy, under a full moon or just a little silver slipper -- enjoy life -- every single minute of it.