Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my beautiful girls

Thank you, God.

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

Well, I'm sitting in front of my computer with a lump in my throat and tears streaming down my face. My granddaughter Arabella Grace was born less than an hour ago, at 1:47 p.m. She weighs 5 lbs. 10 oz., is 19" long, and (to quote my dear son-in-law Pat) she has "fire engine red hair." I am over the moon in love with her, and I haven't even seen her yet.

Just last night, I finished sewing all of her nursery accessories (diaper stacker, crib bumper pads, etc.). With that happy task complete, I finally had time to make this tiny sterling and pearl bracelet to grace her tiny wrist (because if you know me, you know that my granddaughter must have beaded jewelry!)

It's all wrapped in a bit of organza ribbon, ready for the most special little girl in the world.

Stay tuned -- You know I will post photos just as soon as possible!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Anticipating Alice (in Wonderland)

I can't wait to see the movie (I'm a big Johnny Depp fan). This video (which I found at Firefly Cottage) suggests the fantasy of Alice's world, and the music is great, too. Enjoy!

Friday, March 5, 2010

in just Spring

when the world is mud-luscious

when the world is puddle-wonderful

Thanks to e.e. cummings for lines from his poem --
and pardon my enthusiasm. Winter has been so difficult for all of us. But today -- just a few moments ago -- the sun was shining and my daffodils were dancing in a soft, warm breeze.

Winter dulls the senses. Gray days and bleak landscapes trigger some atavistic urge to stay inside closed doors, cocooned in pursuit of indoor activities. But Spring! Take a deep breath of life returning to the earth.

That's what this tiny bee is doing, back to the camera and wallowing inside the sunny yellow of daffodil.

Spring has started its sashay across our land, south to north. Open its gifts when it arrives at your door.

Just a little note . . .

to share this blog with you. I love these "altered" Easter eggs:


(Well, hockeysticks! I can't make the link work. Just highlight the web address and paste into your browser.)