Sunday, February 28, 2010

Knitting Olympics: Crossing the Finish Line!

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Friday night: Counting down -- Just a few more rows. (BTW, I love this music from the Liberty Mutual commercials that they have been playing during the Olympics. Hope you do, too!)

Ready to cast off and block the piece overnight. Fanny's in the background, wishing I would shut up already so she can get some sleep!

Saturday night: Make a poncho shape by turning the short edge to meet the bottom of the long edge . . .

Ribbons hold the pieces together while I sew the seam. . .

Sewing the seam (Do ya like my red Rocket Dogs?) . . .

Crocheted a border all around and . . . Finished! -- in time to watch America win the gold in the four-man bobsled race!

Snuggly warm -- This will be a great garment to wear in Chicago. The yarn is Berocco "Cuzco" -- a 50/50 blend of alpaca and Peruvian wool.

And here's my gold medal, from

What fun! Next Knitting Olympics, I'm going to try something more difficult. But right now, I'm going to cast on a little dress for Arabella . . . and maybe some little red booties to match Nana's red Rocket Dog tennis shoes!


  1. I love it!! It will be wonderful to wear while snuggling the new baby. :)

  2. I could use it to wrap myself in while I go through the chills portion of the flu - I am the latest victim on the Northcoast of Ohio. I feel like someone has literally tried to beat me to to death - thank god that I know this will pass in the near future - I hope. Have a good day! I need to stop complaining - nothing worse than a whiny man - lol!

  3. Tom, my sympathies. I think you're allowed to whine all you want while you have the flu. Praying for no more flu and warm Spring weather for you!

  4. That is awesome!! Love the color and who doesn't like cables!?