Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stars on my tree

I've been a jolly old elf today -- I've spent this crisp and cool Sunday decorating for Christmas -- Finally! These past few years, I haven't felt much like going all out and decorating every square inch of my home, but I can't resist a Christmas tree. And although I admire the glitzy, glamorous trees I see in magazines and other people's homes, I'm just not a glitzy, glamorous gal.

So every year, my tree tends to be woodsy, natural and -- okay -- somewhat plain. No doubt I'm influenced by nature right outside my door and the woodland I'm blessed with. This year, I used plenty of new fairy lights on a real tree, rested berry floral accents on its branches, and nestled many hand-cut paper stars into its needles.

Every year I make more and more paper stars, and I always seem to find places for them.

To me, these simple paper stars suggest so many ideas -- Jesus Christ, the light of the world; the increasing darkness leading to solstice, the longest night (December 21); the wheel of the year and celebration of the seasons. I seem more contemplative at this time of year, when diverse belief systems share so many symbols and rituals.

If you'd like to make your own paper stars, you can find instructions at this website:
Enjoy your winter rituals, my friends, whatever they may be.

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