Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I broke a promise to myself. When the first wave of magazines hit the stands during the holidays, I swore that I would NOT buy any this year. For pete's sake, I still have last year's Christmas mags that I haven't read yet! I held strong until Dec. 30, when one that I've not seen before caught my eye -- Romantic Country ("Country Decorating Ideas #98," yet). They snagged me with the cover tag line "America's Prettiest Houseboat." Alllll righty then! I bought it.

The houseboat, like most of the rooms in the magazine, is beautiful but way too filled with fluff for my plebeian taste. But I hit pay-dirt on page 16 -- an article about a woman named Joy Zacsyk who sells altered vintage items online. I love that stuff, but I love blogs even more, and she has a good one -- -- which blog led me to moggit.

If, like me, you are decorating-challenged, you must check out Ms. Zacsyk's website: Be sure to click on "Oh No You Didn't" -- You will leave the site assured that your decorating taste is impeccable, I promise you. What fun!

As the new year approaches, wishes for safe passage and happy days come your way from everyone at Slipper Moon:

Himself, #1 main man, supporter-extraordinaire-of-craft-addicted-wife, my hubby (who would not be happy if I posted his photo);

and Buster, protector of his domain;

and Maggie, just happy to be alive;

and Fanny, she of the
mercurial temperament;

and Pepper, who really runs the show;

and me.

Happy 2009, everyone.


  1. OMG, thanks so much for the introduction to Moggit! I laughed out loud while reading every single comment on every single image! And I love The Paris Apartment. Must have been under a rock not to know about that.
    ;- )

  2. WOW! I am honored - thanks so much for your kind words!

    p.s. I had a cat that looked just like your Pepper when I was young. :)