Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lazy Saturday

What a gorgeous Spring-like afternoon this has been.

The mild weather was so welcome after weeks of cold, damp, rainy, foggy days.

Forget housework and other chores -- I stayed outside to enjoy the day.

The moon made an appearance in a brilliant blue sky --
though clouds are building in advance of a cold front.

The local wildlife was hanging out, waiting for fresh sunflower seeds and peanuts in the feeders.

Our neighbor's dog Webster visited, recovering from leg and knee surgery --

but he remembers how to beg for treats at the back door and fog up the glass. Time to break out the Windex!

The amaryllis my mother-in-law gave me is blooming, and I cut holly branches and nandina berries from our yard to bring inside. That's a Christmas ornament that our neighbor's granddaughter painted just for us!

I hope your Saturday was just as good as mine!

1 comment:

  1. I love that you're doing this! I probably should do the same--seems very therapeutic, and I love to write! I enjoy the pics too! What on earth happened to Webster? I love the puppies! Speaking of, if you don't want to cry all over the place, don't go see Marley and Me. I'd read the book a year or so ago, which was sad enough. The movie just about killed me! It was cute and funny also, but the end is a killer!

    Love you!