Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Caribbean Cruise: Cozumel and Return to New Orleans

First of all, and with gratitude to God, I'm healed! Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome and De Quervain's tendonitis was successful, and I can finally get back to writing my blog, snapping photos, making jewelry, sewing (doing housework, weeding the garden -- yuck!). I had to wear a cast for 10 days after surgery, but now I'm cast-free and have only small scars on my wrist. Thank you, Dr. Todd Clarke of Beaumont, Texas!

Neely and I signed up for an X-rail car expedition to see the country behind this port city. Here's one of our guides in front of an X-rail car:

and here's Neely preparing to drive the X-rail (no way was I going to drive!), complete with helmet and bandanna -- These excursions are unbelievably dusty!

Our destination was the beautiful "Jade Caverns." We descended a stairway from the trail to find a jade green pool.

The pool is not totally enclosed, though -- The cavern's ceiling is partially open, and tropical vegetation grows on the rim:

I can't describe the peace and serenity of this place. Sunlight poured through holes in the cavern's ceiling, filtered through green ferns and palms, glimmered with the water's jade color.
Too soon, we left this oasis and forged our way back along a dusty trail. Our guides led us to another low cavern where they pointed out coral formations on the ceiling. This entire area was undersea in eons past. No photos here -- I'm a bit claustrophobic and the cavern's ceiling was a bit too low for my comfort!

After the X-rail adventure, a short bus ride took us back to the port. Cozumel is the stereotypical cruise port city, packed with tourists who have a few U.S. dollars to spend and vendors competing to collect same. We found Andrea and Patrick enjoying the main street. They had purchased a few loose diamonds in another port, and Andrea found the perfect setting for her new "rocks":

Perhaps because it was our last port of call and I was tired of haggling for "best price," but I didn't enjoy the street's energy. We made our way to Pancho's restaurant -- a shady, peaceful retreat from the noisy, sunwashed vibe of the street. Margaritas were plentiful and delicious, and we ordered a little bit of good food to wash them down!

Yikes! I look like I've spent a week in the Outback, but I couldn't miss a photo op with my favorite son-in-law Pat!

Cozumel bid us farewell with a glorious sunset at sea:

and New Orleans welcomed us home with an equally glorious sunrise:

Yep, we must be back in New Orleans!
I'm thankful in so many ways for this memorable trip: to God, who makes all things possible -- to my dear husband Neely, who gave us these memories -- and to my sweet daughter Andrea and my wonderful son-in-law Pat, who joined us and made the trip so special for us.
Kids, where shall we go on our next trip -- Alaska???


  1. First of all, you are beautiful even roughin it~ That's what it's all about in Me-hi-co! I want to live your life for a little while Suzie, I'm telling you! You have seen some wonderful places and you are so right about what a blessing it is!!! I have to say Andrea's ring is very bling! haha...I'll have another one one day, even if I buy it~ lol! Bring your camera to Fredricksburg, lots of great pic's to be made! I love you and can't wait to see you!!

  2. Linda,
    What a wonderful experience it must be to see such beautiful places. Thanks so much for taking me along on the trip. Loved your pictures as well as your narratives. You really should write a travel book or any kind of book for that matter. I would buy it, I promise. lol.. Hope you are feeling better.

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