Sunday, June 7, 2009

Girls' Weekend in Fredericksburg, Texas

I just returned from a wonderful, refreshing trip to Fredericksburg with my sister Judy, and nieces Jessica, Jamie, and Julie:


(Jamie and Jessica)


Fredericksburg is one of those terrific little Texas towns just full of great shops and restaurants, and beautiful little houses.

It's smack in the middle of Texas hill country, surrounded by rugged natural beauty.

In the springtime, wildflowers abound.

This beautiful area was the perfect place for us to reconnect, to just be girls together for a while, to have uninterrupted time to enjoy each other's company.

My favorite time was the end of the evening . . . sitting on the porch of our bed-&-breakfast ("Geovanna's Cottage") . . . sharing a glass of wine . . . listening to live music at Auslander's Restaurant across the street . . . enjoying the beautiful night sky over the heart of Texas.

Let's plan to do this again soon, girls!

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