Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July fireworks at Wildwood Lake, Texas

The 4th of July fireworks celebration is always a big event at the small Texas community of Wildwood. For years, one family has orchestrated the event, and the entire community contributes money so that the show can be really BIG! My sister Judy and her husband Rusty live there, and for the past couple of years we have enjoyed the celebration together.

This is Rusty with my husband, Buddy,

and this is my sister Judy and me.

The fireworks are set off on a small island in Lake Wildwood. Everyone grabs kids and dogs, and jumps in a golf cart, pick-up truck, or boat. The main objective is to claim the best spot to see the fireworks, either on land or water.

This year, even the resident swans positioned themselves. Believe it or not, when the fireworks started, the swans and geese stood on the banks of the lake and watched, just like their human counterparts. Wish I could have gotten a photo -- It was so funny to see!

Before the fireworks begin, there's always a boat parade.

The show this year was spectacular. I'm afraid my photos don't do it justice, but here they are. I need to learn how to take night photos:


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