Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slipping away from Slipper Moon

My life has changed recently, and I regret that my blog has suffered from neglect. My brother Chris is now living with us, and it's taken some effort to find even keel. Each time a new ripple is added to my life, I have to absorb it into the here and now, into my being, and adjust my sails to accommodate the change. That's what life is -- a journey across seas calm or stormy, never dropping anchor for long.

But I can't stay away from Slipper Moon, and beads have been calling out to me. Here's my latest -- a bracelet I've been wanting for some time. The beads are faceted freshwater pearls in dark teal laddered between black Greek leather cord, and the clasp is one of my soldered glass charms -- a collage with the word "imagine." (Thanks, John Lennon.)

It wraps three times around my somewhat skinny wrist (would that the rest of me were so cursed!).
Guess I'm just an old hippie at heart.

I FINALLY finished the sea talisman necklace. I added more bead links so that it can be worn wrapped twice around, if the mood strikes me . . .

or as just a single, long loop of color to remind me of the seashore.
This necklace really is comfortable to wear, despite its heft. I wore it on a "date" with my hubby, to see the new Harry Potter movie (which was fabulous).

I've also been working on a series of necklace pendants made from ceramic rune stones that I bought about a thousand years ago at the Texas Renaissance Festival. The shapes and symbols are interesting, and remind me of Celtic lore.
The rune on the left symbolizes "Learning." The middle one with the tiny dragonfly bead, "Journey." And the rune on the right, with the leaf charm, "Natural Force." I have six more pendants to put together, and then I'll make necklaces for them. I'm using mixed metals -- silver solder, copper, some brass -- which I want to look aged, and beads of turquoise, coral, bone, and some African trade beads for an ancient look.

So that's where the winds have been blowing me recently. I've missed blogging, and vow to not stay away so long again. Let me hear from you, dear friends!


  1. I wondered what you were up to. I thought you must be off on one of your many trips. Nice to hear from you. I love the pieces, I'm very drawn to the blue colors. Take care, M

  2. Thanks so much for being patient and keeping up with my blog. It took me a while to adjust to the change, but I have my feet back under me now. Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. Hi Linda, I happened upon your site from Cathy Penton's site. I love the "imagine" bracelet!! Do you make these bracelets? If so, I would LOVE one, wow ... I've fallen in love with it ... so unique. The rune pendants are also just amazing ...

  4. Thanks for your interest, Wendy. Yes, I do sell my jewelry. Please e-mail me at, and I'll respond. Thanks for reading my blog.