Monday, September 21, 2009

Rambling Around Northeast Texas

I just returned from a long weekend in Northeast Texas, where my husband Neely is working for a few weeks. We visited the small town of Gladewater, which abounds in antique shops and some beautiful old houses.

The centerpiece of the town square is this pumping unit from an oil well. In April, 1931, an oil strike in Gladewater came in at 1000 barrels an hour. That's a lotta Texas black gold, y'all! Texaco Inc. operated the well until 1957. When Texaco closed its office in Gladewater, the company donated this pumping unit from the lease. The original oil derrick was wooden.

We also wandered around Lake O' The Pines, a beautiful lake maintained by the U.S. Corps of Engineers, with federally controlled campgrounds. We found several places that we'd like to camp.

People were boating and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

Neely and I love weekends like this: No agenda -- Just hop in the car and go where the wind takes you. I hope your weekend was fun, too! Till next time . . .

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