Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Autumn in Arkansas

When you live near the Texas coast as I do, you miss the glorious colors of Autumn. Usually, our seasons go from scorching hot summer to somewhat chilly winter. In the days between, the trees lose their leaves in a "green-one-minute, brown-the-next, whump-they're-gone" defoliation.

Imagine, then, how beautiful Arkansas looked to me a few weeks ago.

We drove to Eureka Springs in one day, about a 12-hour journey. but we took our time and enjoyed all the Ozarks have to offer in the Fall. These are shots from our drive up the (I kid you not!) Pig Trail Scenic Byway, a section of Arkansas Highway 23 from the south boundary of the Ozark National Forest to the intersection with Arkansas 16.

This road meanders around, up and down, just as a pig might wander. But the scenery is beautiful, especially this time of year.

I especially love this waterfall. Somehow it reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs, or maybe it simply suggests his house, "Falling Water," in Pennsylvania.

The scenery after we turned off the "Pig Trail" was just as spectacular. I'm glad I wasn't driving. I couldn't take my eyes off of Mother Nature's glory, but Neely gladly pulled over at each new vista, so I could take photos.

Eureka Springs was also dressed in Autumn's finery. Look for an opportunity to visit, if you haven't been there. The town still has its old-fashioned character, and the shops are housed in quaint buildings. Just outside of town is the Razorback Gift Shop -- Yep, these folks love their college football team! Several years ago I bought slag glass there to decorate my garden. This time, I "needed" just a bit more, and Neely and I spent happy minutes selecting just the right pieces.

Then I just had to climb the old fire tower -- Yikes, all the way to the top! That speck in the tree's shade is Neely, taking a photo of me as I scale the heights!

But the effort was worth the sore muscles afterward. Just look at this view:

We also visited Thorncrown Chapel, a few more miles down the road from Eureka Springs. I love this sacred place.

The Chapel's glass walls make me feel that there's nothing between me and God's majesty.

The trees were raining brilliant leaves onto the glass roof. Such peace and serenity.

Finally we left Arkansas behind, on our way to visit our daughter and son-in-law in Chicago. Just one last look at the beautiful Ozarks:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. God's Bountiful Blessings to you. While you're giving thanks, please remember all those who have served and are now serving to protect our beautiful country. Their sacrifices have given us our freedom. Remember their families for they sacrifice much, too.


  1. I loved this post! Those picture of fall are exactly what my heart needed. I hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Linda thanks for giving me a special Thanksgiving moment through your blog. I well remember all the beautiful fall foliage in Ark. and a special memory of Thorncrown Chapel. Just a beautiful place to visit and a beautiful state to visit.

  3. Linda, great photos. I liked them all, and you are right, that church is special. We never see any fall here is South Florida, so that was a real treat.