Friday, December 11, 2009

Snowguys (Don't Peek, Girlfriends!)

Here's how I've been chillin' after long days at work --

-- Making these little snowguys for girlfriends who are coming over this Sunday for our annual Christmas party.

Their heads are made of paper clay, and their bodies are square glass ornaments I bought at Hobby Lobby. I glued a tiny tree inside and then filled them with glitter & snow & all manner of Christmas goodies.

Their hats are wooden shapes, glued together and glittered; and their scarves are tinsel and bead-embellished wire. This shot shows details (but I really hate flash photos!):

These little snowguys were inspired by Sue Pelletier's vintage bottle snowmen, featured on the cover of the Nov./Dec. 2008 issue of "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine -- here's the website:
and by the work of jewelry-artist-extraordinaire Deryn Mentock. Check out the great snowmen necklaces Deryn featured last year on her blog:
Hope my gal pals like them!


  1. Ohh I just love these!! I will have to remember this for next year! Fabulous!

  2. Thanks, Jessica! Wish I could be in Hawaii to craft with you!

  3. These are soooo cute. I have been making ornaments too and giving them as hostess and party gifts. My studio is covered in glitter!

  4. I am sooo impressed. Linda, thank you so much for the kind words about the Bell, I may have to get with you so you can make us some of your beautiful work. The Bells have become a passion for me and my staff. When we get responses like this, it inspires us even more. As the maker of the Bells, it is even more evident with stories like this, that what we do does make a difference.

    Blessings to you and yours,

    The Bell Collection

  5. Wow! Thank you, John. I would love the opportunity to work with you.

  6. Linda, these are adorable! Thank you for the mention.