Saturday, December 26, 2009

Arabella's Bell

I have received the most special, meaningful Christmas gift from my dear friend Mary Ann -- who happens to be my daughter's mother-in-law. It's even more special because she bought it during our recent shopping trip in Galveston, and I was completely unaware!

It's a silver Grandchildren bell. Inscribed all around are drawings of children at play. The word "GRANDCHILDREN" dances around the bottom of the bell, and the blocks on top spell "JOY" -- which is exactly what Mary Ann and I feel right now anticipating the birth of my first grandchild and Mary Ann's first granddaughter. Arabella Grace is due at the end of March or first of April, and we are so JOYFUL!

I didn't want to put this special gift on a simple chain, so I made a beaded necklace to show it off. Here's the work in progress:

Here, I've made a silver hook from which to hang the bell, and I've attached two bead links on each side. I've been saving these button pearls for just the right piece.

I like Swarovski crystals, and this black diamond color shows well with the bell's silver gleam. The wire links are unfinished here, because all the bead links are attached and finished as I go.

I love these robin's egg blue freshwater pearls. I'm usually in denim or some shade of blue, so I will wear this necklace often!

Here is the finished piece. I hand-dyed some silk velvet ribbon and wrapped the ribbon connections with sterling wire. I added a silver hook clasp and a bit of silver chain at one end, so I can adjust the length of the necklace.

Thank you, MaryAnn! This gift means so much to me. I'm wearing it now. Every time the bell tinkles, I think of our little angel Arabella Grace, on her way to us.

(p.s. has more silver bells, if you want one of your own!)


  1. That is so lovely. What a wonderful gift and a beautiful way to showcase it!

  2. That turned out great, Mom! Thanks for posting.

  3. Oh Linda, you've made me cry!! I am SOOO happy that you love the bell--I'm looking forward to such happy times together with our beautiful family.....

  4. it is really, really lovely. you should be quite proud! x