Friday, April 30, 2010

No Blues in St. Louis

Last November found us in St. Louis, directly underneath the Gateway Arch . . .

and then, of course, inside the Arch where, at the very top, we were . . .

yes, 630 feet above ground. I was happier with that fact than I was with the tram ride up, which rises and then moves sideways with a great clang and clatter to catch the next ratchet for another vertical rise. No, I was not a happy camper until I got off the tram and my valor was rewarded with these views:

After a harrowing tram ride down, a visit to the Budweiser brewery was a necessity. They've kept much of the old architecture, and the grounds are just beautiful . . .

as are the Clydesdales. Such gorgeous animals!

After lingering long to sample Budweiser products (they pour generously there!), we made our way to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. I love this garden gate, topped with blown glass which looks like the rays of the sun.

The garden was breath-taking, in its Autumn colors:

This is a woven willow window (say that 3 times fast!) in the Japanese garden.

In Southeast Texas, we've lost so many of our trees to hurricanes. This tree was massive.
The garden's architecture is beautiful, especially accented with Autumn foliage.

And I love the kinetic sculptures, too.

So much to see! A rest on a bench, bedecked with golden gingko leaves, was welcome.

If I lived in St. Louis, I would have a difficult time staying out of the garden. I hope to return there this summer -- I'm sure it's a treat then,too! Thanks for traveling with me!


  1. Oh thank you! I really enjoyed this post!

  2. We loved living so close to St. Louis!! Great pictures!

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