Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Springtime in my Texas neighborhood

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Down the road a bit,

our neighbor's horse has a new little filly . . .

. . . all legs and cow-licked coat . . .

. . . and hungry! So cute!

This past autumn, Neely and I scattered bags of seeds, hoping for carpets of Texas wildflowers across our property this Spring. Well, not so much:

My sweet neighbor Diane drove by while I was taking these photos and asked what I was photographing. When I said "Wildflowers!", she looked quite puzzled and asked, "Umm -- where??" Well, never mind -- The ones that did germinate are beautiful:

Maybe they will reseed, and some day I will have carpets of wildflowers like this:
(*sigh* bluebonnet envy!)
And Spring always brings back the neighorhood Mexican freetail bats who live in our woods every summer. Time to break out the lawn chairs and margaritas and indulge in our favorite twilight activity -- watching the bats swoop for mosquitoes and then skim the pool for a drink. Our urbanite Chicago kids think it's hilarious that we spend our evenings watching bats, but that's just about as exciting as life gets here at sleepy Slipper Moon!
I love this time of year.

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