Friday, January 14, 2011

Just reminding myself . . .

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to hold good thoughts on this gray winter day, and to remember what beautiful experiences the world offers if we slow down:

to wander down unknown paths

and find places where fairies might live

or fairy tale castles

or wander familiar trails near home

and discover the creatures that live in the woods there

to collect beach glass on the shore

and watch shore birds while hearing the ocean sing

to see earth's beauty from far above

and close enough to touch

to stand on top of the world

and watch the sun's rays dance across the mountains

and enjoy every season on this earth --
springtime with its wind and promise of warmth

and summer when flowers grace the earth

autumn with its riot of colors

and winter's serenity

I hope blessings abound for you this weekend. Have a peaceful one, my friends.


  1. Suzie,
    This made my morning, and my week...I love you so much and feel the same way about life and the world. Thank you for sharing special pictures, memories and precious thoughts! Jamie~

  2. Thanks for the compliments on my sewing projects! These pictures are beautiful...S.east Texas is such a great place to take pictures. Glad you found me.
    Have a blessed week.