Friday, May 6, 2011

Truly Present

"[T]o be truly present. . . . involves letting go of our constant preoccupations, immersing ourselves in the here and now, and giving ourselves wholeheartedly to whatever is at hand. . . . It’s about becoming more aware, alert, awake to the fullness of the immediate moment. If we are with another person, it means engaging with him or her with all of our heart, our mind, our soul, and our strength. . . . [I]t is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to those around us." -- Trevor Hudson, A Mile in My Shoes

My daughter's hands wrapped her baby girl and buckled her into a stroller last Christmas Eve for our walk in the park. Then, her gloved hands tied her baby's hat securely under her chubby chin, to protect tiny ears from the chill. Look -- really look -- at my granddaughter's eyes. Her focus is so intent on her mother. Her face is relaxed, content, peaceful. Even at this young age, she knows her mother loves her and will care for her . . . and encourage her to stretch her wings . . . and embrace this beautiful world with wide-eyed wonder.
Being truly present in my daughter's life is the greatest gift God gave to me. And now I see the gift given to my child, with her child, and my heart soars. Happy Mother's Day, my own precious girl. Be truly present in all those moments to come.

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  1. Love the photos, I going to be seeing my grandson soon and I can't wait, by the way I love the blue blouse with the polka dots. Looks like you are a very good seamstress.