Friday, May 13, 2011

Fabric De-Stashing

My husband's away on business, so I'm sewing into the wee hours every night -- something I don't do when he's home. After going through my fabric stash, I have to wonder what I was thinking when I bought this:The blue fabric is a lovely sheer, with distressed coppery foil dots which look a bit like random thumbprints:

And I suppose that explains why, on the same day, I bought the copper-colored silky fabric:But whatever should I make with this? Possibly a loose tunic-length, caftan-like top with the blue sheer, to be worm with a spaghetti-strap chemise made from the copper silky? Let me know what you think -- Honestly, these aren't even my colors. I was seduced by the copper foil dots, I think.

While sifting through my stash, I came upon a remnant of ivory silk which I bought at High Fashion Fabric in Houston. If you are a fabric-loving Texan, you must visit this store -- stores, actually: One building houses a mind-boggling array of fashion fabric, and the building across the street holds four floors of home decorating fabric! (Sorry, I digress; just thinking of High Fashion Fabrics makes me want to head for Houston.) Anyway, I had just enough for a floaty tank top:It's cool and light as angel wings. But the sheerness of the fabric allows the facings to show, so I'm going to stitch this trim around the neckline:
I think it will look lovely when finished, and may even go with this great Carole Little linen jacket which I bought at a vintage clothing store:This jacket is in pristine condition, and I absolutely love the details:When I bought the jacket, I didn't know that the original Carole Little designs are getting increasingly harder to find. That makes the $14 price tag even better! I'm thinking the tank and jacket might look good with a pair of slightly distressed jeans, and some strappy sandals.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend, friends! My sewing machine will be whirring!

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  1. I love your ideas for the first fabrics!! I've never gotten the hang of sewing spaghetti straps.