Friday, August 6, 2010

Blogging about nothing special

Finally, I'm feeling like myself again. I had surgery for a ruptured disc in my lower spine earlier this summer and, believe me, I felt that my life had changed. For weeks I could only sit on the sofa and contemplate pain. But all's well, and at last I can again do things which make me happy, such as making jewelry, visiting my new granddaughter, and sharing my blog with you!We just returned from Chicago earlier this week, where I spent lots of quality (spoiling) time with my granddaughter Bella. Life doesn't get any better!
We stopped by Efurd's Orchard in Pittsburg, Texas, on our way home. The fragrance of tree-ripened peaches sweetened the air and I couldn't resist! I now have lots of peaches in my freezer, and those in the photo made the most delicious peach turnovers. I'm lazy, though, and used puff pastry instead of making dough from scratch. I'll leave you with our gorgeous sunset this evening. A storm threatened late this afternoon but failed to deliver much-needed rain. But the deepening sky and clouds illuminated by the setting sun were lovely through the pine trees. Have a restful or exciting weekend, as the spirit moves you, and go with care, my friends!

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  1. Mom, I can safely say using pre-made puff dough isn't lazy, it's smart! Even my breads chef in pastry school said to use pre-made dough. Love you!