Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fiesta Colors

Wow! Quite a thunderstorm blew over Slipper Moon this evening. Just at sunset, too.

Gorgeous fiesta colors in the sky -- lots of thunder and lightning, but not a drop of rain so far. A perfect evening to be upstairs in my studio/hideout!I'm reworking a bracelet that just doesn't make me happy. I made this bracelet some time ago from shards of broken Fiestaware because I just love the bright colors, and it reminds me of Galveston (wherein is a great Fiestaware shop) and my husband (who shares my love of Fiestaware). The African trade bead dangles are fun and accent the bracelet's Caribbean colors. But I don't love the twisted chain. The bracelet will look fuller and hang better on a chain with bigger links, I think. So, I'll tear it apart.Next step is to polish the charms' solder. I use only lead-free solder, and I polish it with a simple manicure block.On the right is an unpolished charm, with a polished one on the left. Soldered charms always look better when polished. I attach the charms to the chain with sterling split rings, a task made easier by toothed pliers.With all Fiestaware charms attached, I accent the bracelet with African trade beads. Many of these trade beads are antique, purchased from various dealers over the years.The toggle clasp is attached, but I need a few more African bead accents to complete the bracelet . . .a job for another day, I think. It's after midnight, our thunderstorm has passed, and I think I can sleep now. Have a lovely evening, everyone.


  1. Hi Linda, I think you are right about the chain, it does look better on the big links. I was sorry to hear about your surgery, but glad to hear you are on the mend. And thank you for those beautiful cloud photos.

  2. First off, those pictures of the storm are AMAZING. Wow, so beautiful.

    I must admit, I don't know anything about Fiestaware but it's gorgeous. The bracelet is amazing and I love how you did the step by step in photos.

    Thanks for joining in on WIPW!

  3. Some great colors in that bracelet :-)

  4. What an interesting bracelet!

  5. BEAUTIFUL. Yes, I am techno screaming it because, it is!